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Who do it all, the go-to girls, the dependable ones who run for everyone else and then run out of time to focus on their goals.

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym or meal-prepping to lose weight.

For the Mamas who have tried every gimmick, every fad diet, every supplement and are fed up of wasting money on cheap solutions that don’t last.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on endless supplements and fad diets to reach your goal weight.

For the Mamas who have given up hope of ever getting this weight off.

Trust me, you’ve never tried anything like this.

For the Mamas who watch their daughters fearful that they will have the same issues, that they have set a bad example, that they are to blame.

I see you. I know you. I was you. You  can change this. I will help you.


Hi, I’m Doctor Emily!

I’m a Doctor Mom on a mission
to help you lose weight.

As a Family Physician, I knew the risks of gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. And when I saw my baby turning into a sugar addict, there was no stopping my search for the BEST diet around. I tried them all, researched like only a Mom on a mission will do, and became both Obesity Medicine and Life and Weight Coach certified in the process. And, I am here to share ALL that I have learned with you.

The School of Weight Loss Podcast

Welcome to the School of Weight Loss podcast! I’m Dr. Emily VinZant, and I’m on a mission to make weight loss simple for busy moms who’ve tried all the diets. I’ll explore what works and what’s a time-waster, and I’ll interview experts in the field of weight loss and success stories who share how they reached their weight loss goals.

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