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Hey there, I’m Emily!

I’m passionate about helping high-achieving women ditch the yo-yo dieting, drop the emotional eating, and reach their goal weight. If you’re frustrated with reaching your goals in life and losing to the scale, stick with me. I’ll help you find the right diet, ditch the emotional fat, and achieve freedom from food. 

My clients lose 5 pounds in their first week working with me – you can too…

for FREE!

It’s not about willpower.


It’s not about the latest fad diet or fat burning pill.

But you already know that, don’t you?

Because you’ve tried them, and they didn’t work – at least, not for long.

Why? Because you didn’t address the things that REALLY matter & bring lasting weight loss results.

My clients hit their goal weight. They shed those feelings of ugliness and shame that the extra pounds bring. They walk into their closets and wear clothes that haven’t fit in YEARS!

And you can, too. My name is Dr. Emily VinZant, and I’m an obesity medicine certified weight loss coach AND family physician. My program will have you fitting into your old clothes and loving who you see in the mirror.

My program Weight Loss for Modern American Moms is the solution you’ve been searching for!


I tested these diets, so I can help YOU find your best fit.

i'm certified in obesity medicine and a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach

to help you conquer those emotional and overeating struggles.

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Weight Loss Coaching

for Busy Moms & High Achieving Women

Working moms, stepmoms, single moms, busy women, working women, women who can do it all, I see you.⁠ I am you.⁠

I know what it’s like to work your tail off for a successful career, a healthy marriage, and well-adjusted children – but STILL feel like a failure because you can’t shift the extra weight.⁠

We can do this together.

You are so strong, brave and capable.

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Real clients with very REAL results

busy mom and weight loss coach

Proud MD and MOM

When you are a Doctor, everyone wonders about your credentials.
Let’s get that out of the way first:

  • University of Kansas – Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Secondary Education
  • Saint George’s University School of Medicine – Doctor of Medicine
  • University of Kansas School of Medicine – Residency in Family Medicine
  • American Board of Family Medicine – Certification
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine – Certification

Modern day health care can be complicated and confusing for all of us, especially young parents. My goal is simplify this for you.