The Healthy You



A weekend away to energize your life.

Exhausted and tired of that story ruling your life? 

Ready to learn how to create ENERGY to fuel the life you desire? 

This weekend retreat is full of ALL aspects energy creation. 

You will return home energized with tools to create energy on demand. 

You will bond with Mamas who fill you up, inspiration to fuel your life, and energizing fun to create the Energized Healthy YOU. 

The Healthy You Energized Retreat includes: energizing coaching, energizing body movement, energizing food Healthy You cooking lessons, energizing photos, and cheering on, walking, or running the 4 mile Trolley Run. 

Meals and activities are included in the price of The Healthy You Retreat (except $35 Trolley Run registration for those participating). Travel and housing for those outside the BLACK FRIDAY BONUS (see below) are not included. Accommodation options will be available upon sign up. 

The Healthy You Energized Retreat is ONLY open to previous and current members of Weight Loss for Modern American Moms Coaching Program.

Where: Kansas city

WhEN: April 28 (4pm) - april 30 (noonish)

Cost: $1,500

Black Friday Bonus

BLACK FRIDAY BONUS: The first 5 members who join the Healthy You Energized Retreat on Black Friday will have the BONUS of staying for no additional cost at the home housing the retreat! 


Or ask the hubs or kids for The Healthy You Retreat the holidays. 

What better Christmas gift for the Healthy You?