Hi! I'm Doctor Emily Vinzant

I am proud to be equally Weight Loss Coach and Obesity Medicine MD. When you are a Doctor, everyone wants your credentials. Let’s get that out of the way first:

  • University of Kansas – Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Secondary Education
  • Saint George’s University School of Medicine – Doctor of Medicine
  • University of Kansas School of Medicine – Residency in Family Medicine
  • American Board of Family Medicine – Certification
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine – Certification


My knowledge of the HEALTH of weight loss with my medical training is top level. 

Here’s my secret, though.

There always seemed to be a missing component in the medical weight loss process. I found myself asking again and again: Why are women (the ME’s of the world) who are successful in every other area of life unable to reach a healthy weight and stay there? 

I found the answer when I discovered Life and Weight Loss Coaching. That passion took me down a special path to:

  • Life Coach Certification | The Life Coach School | March 2020
  • Weight Coach Certification | The Life Coach School | March 2020

So, now for the good stuff.

I am also the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, Eliza, and an 18-year-old daughter, Ella. I have 3 step-sons (Austin (25), Alec (23), and Adam (17), a husband (Brian), and a yellow lab named Ace. And my life has been anything but simple. I was pregnant with my daughter my first semester of medical school, spent my daughter’s first birthday on an island just destroyed by a hurricane, and struggled through life as a divorced, single-mom, medical resident.

Through it all, I kept gaining weight. I hit the obesity marker when I had my daughter in medical school and didn’t turn back. I tried … lots. I lost and regained with every diet, exercise challenge, and even surgery. I knew what everyone told me to do but it never worked for longer than a few months. 

I met my husband, moved to the country, and we had a baby the week our youngest turned 13. After that pregnancy had health-complications from my weight, I knew it was time for serious change. I lost the weight, became a coach, and knew I had to share my secrets with other ladies like me.

Dr. Emily’s School of Weight Loss is that answer.