How to Forgive Yourself (And Move On) After a Diet Slip Up

Diet slip ups happen. How do you forgive yourself and move on toward that weight loss goal? It’s simple when you follow my easy steps: Step 1: Get real about WHY the diet slip up happened As a Family Physician, weight loss Doctor, and weight loss coach, I hear ALL the reasons for slip ups […]

5 Steps to Self-Control for Weight Loss

Weight loss starts with self-control. Isn’t that the hardest part, though. We want to eat what we want when we want it. We also want to like the number on the scale, the way our clothes fit, and the energy we gain by losing weight. You can gain self-control and the weight loss that produces […]

Can You Drink Alcohol and Lose Weight

How do alcohol and weight loss mix? Can you drink alcohol and lose weight? As a weight loss coach for Moms and obesity medicine physician, I get asked this question ALL of the time. My clients want their nightly glass of wine or a skinny margarita with friends to celebrate the day. At the same […]

The Missing Accountability Step for Weight Loss

weight loss accountability

“I need accountability to lose the weight.” “I just need accountability to stay on track.” Have you said those sentences in the last month? If so, you are like 80% of my weight loss clients. Nearly all tell me they need my weight loss program for “accountability” to lose their excess weight. And I agree […]

How to Lose Weight With PCOS

How can you lose weight if you have been diagnosed with PCOS? What makes weight loss with PCOS different? So many articles with conflicting evidence – where should you turn for expert advice? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Let’s simplify PCOS and weight loss… How Does PCOS Effect Your Weight? As an Obesity Medicine […]

How to Use Obesity Medicine and Life Coaching for Weight Loss

Can Obesity Medicine and Life Coaching really overlap when looking at weight loss? Isn’t Obesity Medicine just writing medication? And Life Coaching is all about your mind right? There are lots of American Board of Obesity Medicine diplomates out there. And there are even more life coaches. But, I have only found a few who […]

How to Stop Snacking Off Your Child’s Plate

What if I told you ONE thought change could help you stop snacking off your child’s plate? It worked for me – and I have to share it with you. But first, let’s start by looking at why we snack off the plates of our little ones… Why Do You Snack off Your Child’s Plate? […]

I Want Another Baby, Should I Worry about Losing Weight Now?

I want another baby, when should I focus on weight loss

When should Moms focus on weight loss if they want to have another baby? As an Obesity Medicine physician and certified weight loss/life coach, this is a common question I hear from young Moms. The overriding thought seems to be: I’m just going to gain weight with pregnancy, should I even waste the effort? Here’s […]

Why Do I Have One Overweight Child?

Do you have one child who just struggles with weight? And wonder – why? I’m raising them the same. Same genetics. Why is this one child so different? And how can I help my child lose weight and stay healthy? Where to Start When You Have One Overweight Child As an Obesity Medicine certified physician, […]

How to Raise Children That Don’t Struggle with Weight

How can you raise children in the United States today that don’t struggle with weight? Aren’t school lunches, snacks, and too much time on electronics to blame? How can a well-intentioned parent contend with all of those cultural faux-pas? As an Obesity Medicine certified Family Physician, Life and Weight Loss Coach, and former gestational diabetic, […]