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4 Biggest Lessons for Moms Dealing with Covid

Covid hit my house last week. And even this Doctor Mom had a few lessons to learn. A few simple preparation tips would have lessened the confusion – and turmoil. Here’s the 4 biggest lessons I learned from the precipitous arrival of Covid at my house. Lesson 4: Have a plan for where your kids will go As is the case for so many families in America today, we are a blended family. And we had kids heading all directions over Thanksgiving weekend. Covid was not part of that plan. So when my husband started coughing Tuesday evening while at

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busy mom and weight loss coach

The MVP Bunch

The MVP Bunch Here?s the story of a lovely lady (me, of course..) Who was bringing up one lovely little girl (Hello, Ella!) She did

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sisters are the best

Sisters are THE BEST

Sisters – sigh. Love, kisses, giggles, tea parties, Mom’s makeup, late night books under the covers… Baby sisters just make life better – they rejuvenate

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