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The Missing Accountability Step for Weight Loss

“I need accountability to lose the weight.” “I just need accountability to stay on track.” Have you said those sentences in the last month? If so, you are like 80% of my weight loss clients. Nearly all tell me they need my weight loss program for “accountability” to lose their excess weight. And I agree – but for a much different reason than you may think. What is Accountability? If accountability is the only key to weight loss, why aren’t the majority of us in some huge weight loss group that is taking over the world and creating “thin” as

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busy mom and weight loss coach

The MVP Bunch

The MVP Bunch Here’s the story of a lovely lady (me, of course..) Who was bringing up one lovely little girl (Hello, Ella!) She did

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sisters are the best

Sisters are THE BEST

Sisters – sigh. Love, kisses, giggles, tea parties, Mom’s makeup, late night books under the covers… Baby sisters just make life better – they rejuvenate

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