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Most frequent questions and answers

No, I will not have you out, running the basketball court. This is not that type of coaching. I practice causal coaching as taught through my certification at The Life Coach School. By helping you to discover the CAUSE of your overeating and emotional eating, I will help you LEARN how to create a future in which you have control of your eating and, ultimately, your weight. No fad diet will do that for you.

Yes, the diet that you can stick with and enjoy for LIFE. Believe me, I have tried nearly every diet out there over the years. If one diet stuck for all, we would all still be on it. The answer is not that simple.

My goal is to see you reach your goal weight – no matter what it is. And believe me, you can. I believe it and you should, too.

First, I am a Doctor. And I only looked at medically supported diets that have health and weight loss benefits supported by medical studies. No silly supplements sold here. Second, I chose a variety of diets that would be easy to follow for different foods preferences. And I have to say, I LOVED different aspects of all the diets. I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

No. My brain is that of a Doctor but this is NOT my medical practice. This is weight loss COACHING. I am happy to give general advice but without your specific medical records, it would be negligent to provide diagnosis, change your medications, or prescribe medications. You have a fabulous Doctor for that.

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