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What the Obesity Experts Say About Intermittent Fasting

What are the obesity experts saying about intermittent fasting? We all know the diet fads - we see them come and go. Some are based in science, most are not. There are some diets that make sense but are too difficult to maintain. Some are just plain silly. And through...


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Positive Thoughts to Beat Eating for Pleasure

Need some help with positive thoughts to beat eating for pleasure? That's a HUGE one, isn't it? Food is enjoyment after all for most of us. But, does it need to be? And why did it go from a necessity to stay alive to the mainstay of recurrent pleasure in most of our...

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Can You Fix Those Carb Cravings?

Can you fix those carb cravings? What a great theory. There is no doubt that we crave carbohydrates, or sugar rich foods, in one form or another. Just think of the legendary example of an onion. If an onion was sitting on your counter, looking ripe and ready to eat,...

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Should You Go Low-Carb or Keto?

It seems like everyone is "going Keto" these days. And you hear a ton of conflicting advice surrounding it. Should you go low-carb or keto? If you have been following my posts on intermittent fasting, you know that I started with fasting for weight loss and then moved...

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The Doctor 

Dr. Emily VinZant is an experienced Family Physician and Mom of teen to toddler. She provides easy medically-based solutions on all things health and parenting to help Mom’s raise healthy families and simplify their lives. 





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