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Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss Frustration

Need to turn to positive thoughts to beat that weight loss frustration? I have been there. Here's the deal: we all have small set backs on the road to a healthier weight. It will never be that perfect linear line from beginning to goal. Our bodies are just WAY more...


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Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss at Holidays

Need some positive thoughts for weight loss at the holidays? I have you covered. Working on weight loss is tough as it is but the holidays have the ability to truly derail your weight loss mindset and success. That is super frustrating and frequently shuts down the...

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Intermittent Fasting for Busy Moms

If you have heard the intermittent fasting buzz but aren't sure how to make it work in your busy Mom life, you are in the right place. As a family physician and mom/step-mom of 5, I get you. I spent so many years HATING what I saw in the mirror. The problem was I...

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Positive Thoughts to Reach that Goal Weight

What are positive thoughts to actually reach that goal weight? Do you have a number on the scale that means success to you? Have you thought about what that number would be? Weight loss coaching and the medical world agree on this simple point: you are much more...

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The DoctorΒ 

Dr. Emily VinZant is an experienced Family Physician and Mom of teen to toddler. She provides easy medically-based solutions on all things health and parenting to help Mom’s raise healthy families and simplify their lives.Β 



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