Reach Your Healthy Weight in 2023

With Dr. Emily's Proven Method to Lose Weight & Keep It Off

FREE 3-Day Challenge January 4-6th

With Dr. Emily's Proven Method to Lose Weight & Keep It Off

FREE 3-Day Challenge January 4-6th

Make 2023 the last year that weight loss is your New Years' Resolution.

Get the vision, clarity, and plan to reach your healthiest weight in this 3-day challenge. This challenge is exactly what you need to ditch endless dieting and create your healthy unlimited future.

You were made to live fully. 

You know the limitations that your endless weight battle has created in your life.

You think you’ve tried it all, you lack willpower, and it’s too far to reach a healthy weight. 

This is the year that story changes. 


Imagine yourself:

  • Waking up in the morning with more energy while losing weight 

  • Empowered to stick to your plan on weekends, holidays and vacations

  • Getting good news at the Doctor because you are losing weight and improving your health

  • Living fully without dieting rules, insecurity, and weight limitations

Are you ready?

Day 1 | Set Healthy weight Goals that motivate

You think you should settle for “losing a few lbs” and don’t even know what your healthy weight is. On Day 1 of Reaching Your Healthy Weight in 2023, I’ll teach you my evidence-based tools to set your healthy weight goals. You’ll leave Day 1 INSPIRED and MOTIVATED by your healthy weight goal and ready to do the work to get there.

Day 2 | create A Simple Plan to reach your healthy weight goals

You’ve set many weight loss goals in the past and never gotten there. This challenge is different. You will leave Day 2 EMPOWERED and ENERGIZED by your plan and what it will create for your life. I’ll teach you my proven process to make your plan so simple, energizing, and empowering that you don’t want to quit it. 

Day 3 | Stay Empowered to stick to your healthy weight plan

No more settling for weight-induced limitations. We are here to create the Healthy You who lives at her healthy weight with FREEDOM from your weight loss battles, your insecurity, your shame, and your limitations. It’s more than a number, it’s the value of that number in your life. You won’t believe the transformation that comes in creating the Healthy YOU.


Hi, I’m
Doctor Emily!

I’m an obesity medicine Doctor on a mission to help you lose weight.

As a Family Physician, I knew the risks my increasing weight was placing on my health. When I developed gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, I knew it was time for change. I took on both Obesity Medicine and Life and Weight Coach certification to find the answer to why ALL of my diet attempts kept failing. I found it. And I’m here to share it with you. 

It’s time to reach your healthy weight.

It’s time to stop dieting and weight loss New Years’ Resolutions that don’t stick.

 It’s time to be energized and actively participate in your life.

It’s time to know that you’re living healthy and creating a healthy future.

Mark your calendar for January 4-6 and join me LIVE.

This is just the beginning.

If you’re thinking reaching your healthy weight isn’t possible for you…

You’ve tried all the diets.

You’ve done the 5 am workout challenges.

You know you have to do something but aren’t sure it’s even possible to make it past a few weeks or a few pounds.

… it’s not your fault that you’ve had limited results. 

You were sold short-term solutions that create limited results. 

It’s normal for you to be nervous about jumping in again. Don’t worry, you are EXACTLY who this challenge was designed to help.

Whether you’ve lost a few pounds a thousand times or gotten to your goal and regained it, this challenge will change the way you look at weight loss.

Give me 3 days. You won’t believe the difference in your weight loss journey.