How to Find Your Best Diet

with Dr. Emily VinZant | Doctor Mom E

MARCH 3 | 7 p.m. (CST)

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What You'll Learn in the class:

  1. Why Finding Your Best Diet Seems So Hard
  2. How to Find the Best Diet for You
  3. Why My Most Successful Mamas Chose their Specific Diets
  4. How to Know if Your Diet is Working for You
  5. How to Trouble-Shoot Slowed Weight Loss Results in Your Diet

Who is this class for?

  • Mamas who’ve tried all the diets… and not figured out what works 

  • Mamas who want a simpler path to diet success while eating out and living their lives

  • Mamas who struggle with physical complications from diets (stomach issues, etc)

  • Mamas who want a diet that’s easy to incorporate for their busy families

  • Mamas-to-be who struggle with fertility and want to maximize their diet to help

  • Grandmas who want a healthy diet to lose weight and stay active for their grandkids