Intermittent Fasting

Want to get that weight off faster with less daily work?
Consider combining INTERMITTENT FASTING and diet.

intermittent fasting for busy women

Intermittent fasting accompanies ANY diet, makes your meal prep easier, and gets the weight off faster.

Make sure to:

✓ have lots of water and broth on fasting days
✓ start slow and increase

Use with caution if you:

✖ are on medications that cause low blood sugar

I tested these diets, so I can help YOU find your best fit.

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I know what it’s like to work your tail off for a successful career, a healthy marriage, and well-adjusted children – but STILL feel like a failure because you can’t shift the extra weight.⁠ But also know how strong and capable you are, you Super Mom, you. We can do this together!