Do You Need Mineral Replacement in Your Vitamin?

Do you need the mineral replacements found in your daily multivitamin? Check out your daily multivitamin label - you just may be getting 120% of your allotted daily Molybdenum and just 30% of your allotted calcium. Say what? You might be wondering, "What the heck is...


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What is Best to Take for Sleep?

What is best to take for sleep? Every chronic insomniac has their favorite go-to aid for sleep. For my Mom, it is Tylenol PM. Anyone struggling with sleep in the VinZant household? Tylenol PM to the rescue. Other's take a more natural route - melatonin, chamomile, or...

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Should You Take a Multivitamin?

Let's be honest - scurvy and rickets probably sound more like sports then diseases to Americans today. Extreme vitamin deficiencies are rare. This leaves us wondering: Should you take a multivitamin daily or are you just wasting your money? What Is In a Daily...

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Are You Taking Too Many Supplements?

Are you taking too many supplements? How expensive is your pee? How much money are you literally peeing into the toilet? Funny thought, huh. You all know I LOVE my Medical Assistant, Roxanne. And Roxanne loves finding random supplements on Amazon. She follows MANY...

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How Do You Know You Have the Flu?

We are approaching FLU time. That time of year when the select few patients can't get into their Doctor's office fast enough and everyone else avoids us like the plague. So, how do you know if you have the flu? The Flu (short for Influenza virus) seems to be one of...

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Do You Need Antibiotics for that …?

"How do you know if you need antibiotics anyway?" my husband literally asked me while I was preparing a post recently. Yes, this is my own husband. The husband of a Family Physician, queen of virus vs bacteria by day, and the man I have been with for over 8 years now....

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What Should You Take to Stop That Cough?

This time of year everyone is coming in coughing. And, as a Family Physician, I am frequently asked, "What should I take for this unbearable cough?" I know, that cough is annoying. It’s doubly annoying when your husband is hacking up a lung night after night and you...

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The Doctor 

Dr. Emily VinZant is an experienced Family Physician and Mom of teen to toddler. She provides easy medically-based solutions on all things health and parenting to help Mom’s raise healthy families and simplify their lives. 





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