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40 Life Lessons from A Doctor Mom at 40

I turn 41-years-old today - and 40 was a BIG year for me. I started this blog ... I had a baby and a brand new driver and survived ... I started Life Coach classes ... I actually spent some money and time on myself. Crazy, right? And I hope 41 is even bigger. I...


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The MVP Bunch

The MVP Bunch Here’s the story of a lovely lady (me, of course..) Who was bringing up one lovely little girl (Hello, Ella!) She did have hair of gold, like her mother (True) Her Mama had the curls ... (And they can get big with humidity, yes, I know) Seriously, this...

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My 3 Favorite Medical Shows to Watch Now

"Is there really a Doctor McDreamy?" I remember my sister asking me when I was in my family practice residency training. "Surely there is a hot young Doctor that everyone has a crush on?" And, no, Doctor McDreamy did not make the list of my 3 favorite medical shows to...

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Does Your Husband Have SH-DL Syndrome?

I'm sitting here in the waiting room of a hospital. On my day off to boot. My lovely husband tore his biceps tendon and he is in for a surgical repair. And it happened exactly 2 hours after I told him to ask his sons to help him with our land for Father's Day weekend....

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Maternal Mortality Crisis

Over the past 25 years, maternal deaths have DECREASED across the WORLD by 4%. That’s awesome. In that same time, maternal deaths in the United States have INCREASED by 26%. Not awesome. And it is actually a real problem.  It's our maternal mortality crisis. Why...

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Mother’s Day Gift Challenge

Mother's Day - Time to sleep in, breakfast in bed, a long bath, perfect children, homemade gifts... Who am I kidding? That may be the ultimate Mother's Day gift challenge. When Mother's Day Goes Wrong Here's the reality: Two years ago, I spent Mother's Day in bed...

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Is Your Husband that Clueless?

I have a new obsession - I'm almost embarrassed to admit it. It's KYLIE lip gloss. Think what you may of the Kardashian's but that stuff ROCKS. And I can also say that Kylie helped me realize that my husband is completely clueless. He doesn't just seem that way. I...

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The Doctor 

Dr. Emily VinZant is an experienced Family Physician and Mom of teen to toddler. She provides easy medically-based solutions on all things health and parenting to help Mom’s raise healthy families and simplify their lives. 



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