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How to Be a COVID Mom Superhero

What if I told you that you could go from a stressed out, anxious, guilty, over-eating Mom dealing with COVID to a COVID superhero Mom today by changing ONE THOUGHT? Is there any Mom out there who wouldn’t jump at that? For yourself, your mind, your waistline, and your family. Who doesn’t want to feel like the Superhero Mom you already are? I know you have superhero powers – but do you? Do you believe that? There is ONLY one thing standing in the way of you believing that … your thoughts. And today I am going to teach you

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Have questions about weight loss or coaching?

I know what it’s like to work your tail off for a successful career, a healthy marriage, and well-adjusted children – but STILL feel like a failure because you can’t shift the extra weight.⁠ But also know how strong and capable you are, you Super Mom, you. We can do this together!