Plant-Based Diet

Do you find yourself in the garden salivating from everything green, natural, and not produced by animals? PLANT-BASED is for you. Just refrain for the eggs… or maybe not, it’s your choice.

This one is pretty obvious. The plant-based diet is a great weight loss tool for those who like to eat plants. Just watch Forks over Knives and you will want to be on board. 

It’s a great option for women who love:

✓ vegetables
✓ fruits
✓ nuts
✓ legumes

But don’t care as much about:

✖ red meat
✖ chicken
✖ fish
✖ dairy

I tested these diets, so I can help YOU find your best fit.

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I know what it’s like to work your tail off for a successful career, a healthy marriage, and well-adjusted children – but STILL feel like a failure because you can’t shift the extra weight.⁠ But also know how strong and capable you are, you Super Mom, you. We can do this together!