3 Reasons to Update Your Medicine Cabinet

Reasons to update your medicine cabinet

Everyone has their favorite stash spots. If yours results in you fishing items out of the toilet with your one-year-old’s fishing net, you are in the RIGHT place. It’s time to update your medicine cabinet.

If you have Aleve in your hallway bathroom, bedside drawer, master bath, and purse, you are in the RIGHT place. It’s time to update your medicine cabinet.

If you walk down the aisle at the pharmacy and have no idea what to buy, you are in the RIGHT place. It’s time to update your medicine cabinet.

If you are human, you are in the RIGHT place. Sorry, we are not delving into pets or aliens yet. Maybe next month.

The 3 BIGGEST Reasons to Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet:

1. 2am fevers come whether you are ready or not.

There is nothing worse than a child with a fever at 2am and having NOTHING to do about it. On top of a sick kid, you now have a grumpy Dad and tired Mom. Dad will have to run to the pharmacy, assuming it is open, while Mom waits for what seems like hours. And these emergencies ALWAYS happen at the worst times of day. Just ask the OB’s. Solution: My 2 Day Medicine Cabinet Challenge. You will be organized with all of the basics you need to care for your growing (and aging) family.And that 2 hour fever will turn into 30 minutes.

2. You buy the same thing again and again.

Boy, is that true. We had 4 stash spots in our house, mostly bathrooms and bags. We found 5 bottles of Tylenol and 4 were expired. 3 were over 2/3 full. I am a big Tylenol fan but I would much rather have spent that money on a movie. You just need one bottle, in a central location, that is NOT expired. Yes, you may have to walk a few extra steps to get it. Just think of those steps as exercise for that movie theatre popcorn. And think of the extra gas money you are saving from those trips to the store. Solution: My 2 Day Medicine Cabinet Challenge

3. Not everything requires a Doctor’s visit.

There are more and more options to treat ongoing illnesses at home. With the ongoing help of Doctor Mom E, I’m going to teach you to recognize WHEN you need to go to the Doctor and when you can treat illnesses at home. Not just that but WHAT you can treat at home. I’ll give you my tricks for my family as well. You will want to organize what you have because, as in most things in life, medications can be used for more than one thing. For example: nasal steroids can treat allergies and help with colds. Tylenol can treat fevers and pain. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple. Let’s just get started. Solution: My 2 Day Medicine Cabinet Challenge

3 reasons to update your medicine cabinet

Simple Solution: Keeping your medications in an organized medicine cabinet will have you prepared, save you money, and with the help of Doctor Mom E, help you treat many illnesses at home. Let’s start with the Medicine Cabinet and simplify your life.

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