How to Find Your Best Diet

How are you supposed to find the best diet these days? Should you go low-carb or keto? What’s with this new “plant-based” diet? Should you fast for a day or eat 6 meals a day? Should you buy the supplements or not? How the heck do you navigate this weight loss diet world? It is […]

The Best Diets To Lose Weight for Women: The Paleo Diet

paleo diet is the best

Do you want to eat like a caveman and still lose weight? Or wonder what the heck the Paleo/Whole 30 buzz is all about? Then I have the diet for you! The Paleo diet is a great way to lose weight and feel healthy doing it. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet literally […]

The Best Diets to Lose Weight for Women: Plant-Based Diet

plant-based is the best

The plant-based diet is a great way for women to lose weight – but what the heck is it? Is it Vegan? Vegetarian? Lacto-ovo vegetarian? How do you keep it straight? I’m here to help. What Is the Plant-Based Diet? Plant-based is different than a traditional vegetarian diet. It grew in popularity after the release […]

The Best Diets to Lose Weight for Women: Counting Calories

calorie counting is the best

“Doesn’t this have too many calories?” My husband asked me that question a hundred times while we completed the trials of the most popular diets around in search of the “perfect diet”. He just couldn’t wrap his head around ditching calorie counting and actually losing weight. Is that true for you? You are not alone. […]

Mediterranean Diet for Busy Moms

Wondering how to make a Mediterranean diet work for busy Moms? I have you covered. Whenever I bring up the Mediterranean diet to Moms, the most common response is, “Oh, I hear that is a good one. But what exactly is it?” The Mediterranean diet is not a fad – it has been around for […]

When Exercise Matters for the Busy Mom

When does exercise matter for the busy Mom? Is it worth your time or just another thing you are doing because you think you should? When abs are “made in the kitchen” and your abs have been “made by baby stretch” what is a Mom to do? When Does Exercise Matter? As a Family Doctor […]

Low Carb Diet for Busy Moms

low carb diet for busy moms

Does the low carb/ketogenic diet work for busy Mom’s? Of course it does. But let’s be honest – you may need some special considerations. I’ve got you covered. Most Mom’s don’t have time to count macros – I lasted 3 days. You probably want a way to incorporate your kids into the diet – you […]

One Goal with Massive Action Will Beat Your Resolutions

Start with One Goal, add Massive Action, and you will beat that list of resolutions every time. Today is January 2nd … and I am publishing this post today for a reason. That reason is that many of you have already failed at your New Year’s resolutions. The good news for you all is that […]

10 Questions to Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss

Ready to mentally prepare for weight loss in the New Year? I know, you are not ready to start that diet now. It’s almost the week of Christmas for crying out loud. And then, in just a few weeks, it will be January. And you will be ready to hit the gym. Change the diet. […]

Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss Frustration

positive thoughts for weight loss frustration

Need to turn to positive thoughts to beat that weight loss frustration? I have been there. Here’s the deal: we all have small set backs on the road to a healthier weight. It will never be that perfect linear line from beginning to goal. Our bodies are just WAY more complicated than that. As a […]