The Missing Accountability Step for Weight Loss

weight loss accountability

“I need accountability to lose the weight.” “I just need accountability to stay on track.” Have you said those sentences in the last month? If so, you are like 80% of my weight loss clients. Nearly all tell me they need my weight loss program for “accountability” to lose their excess weight. And I agree […]

How to Stop Snacking Off Your Child’s Plate

What if I told you ONE thought change could help you stop snacking off your child’s plate? It worked for me – and I have to share it with you. But first, let’s start by looking at why we snack off the plates of our little ones… Why Do You Snack off Your Child’s Plate? […]

I Want Another Baby, Should I Worry about Losing Weight Now?

I want another baby, when should I focus on weight loss

When should Moms focus on weight loss if they want to have another baby? As an Obesity Medicine physician and certified weight loss/life coach, this is a common question I hear from young Moms. The overriding thought seems to be: I’m just going to gain weight with pregnancy, should I even waste the effort? Here’s […]

How to Stop Feeling Fat After Weight Loss

How can you stop feeling fat after you lose the weight? Is it normal to look in the mirror and still see that old version of you staring back? Can you change that? Of course you can. But, first, you must understand why it happens in the first place. Is It Normal to Feel Fat […]

How To Stop Emotional Eating at Celebrations and Holidays

Do you struggle with emotional eating when celebrations and holidays hit your schedule? You do well all week but just know when that gathering hits, the cake is going to be a definite deal-breaker. You can’t imagine Memorial Day with a burger and beer. Why do all your best intentions fail when it comes to […]

5 Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned As a Weight Loss Coach

Join the waitlist for my next Weight Loss for Modern American Moms group! To do so schedule a FREE consult with me here. Or start by Losing 5 Pounds THIS Week by signing up for my FREE challenge here! My clients hit their goal weight. They shed those feelings of ugliness and shame that the extra pounds […]

Why You Really Can’t Stick to Your Diet

Why can’t you just stick to your diet? Why is it so difficult? Picture this: You start the newest diet. So excited to finally become that bikini-ready version of you, you go buy all of the groceries, you make a plan for the week, you even make sure your scale has batteries that are not […]

How to Lose Weight During COVID

Can you actually lose weight during Covid instead of coming out of isolation 20 pounds heavier? What if I told you that now is the BEST time to work on weight loss?  I get you Moms. You’re tired, you’re sitting for the first time today, and you are in a house full of sweets. Step […]

What is Weight Loss Coaching?

What is weight loss coaching anyway? Do you need it? Does weight loss coaching mean you will have someone running behind you yelling at you to run a sprint or drop and do 10 push-ups? It’s amazing how many people only relate coaches to sports and middle school gym class. Not many people want to […]

How to Stop Stress Eating During Times of Crisis

Who isn’t stress eating these days? Two groups of people: Naturally thin people – they aren’t eating at all. Believe me. They stop eating when stressed. It’s annoyingly incomprehensible for those of us who struggle with being overweight. Weight loss coaches – yes, it is possible to have had a life long toxic relationship with […]