How to Use Obesity Medicine and Life Coaching for Weight Loss

Can Obesity Medicine and Life Coaching really overlap when looking at weight loss? Isn’t Obesity Medicine just writing medication? And Life Coaching is all about your mind right? There are lots of American Board of Obesity Medicine diplomates out there. And there are even more life coaches. But, I have only found a few who […]

Is My Thyroid Causing Weight Gain?

I can't lose weight, is it my thyroid

You are exhausted. You’re gaining weight. You are constipated. You’re cold all of the time. And you are wondering – is it my thyroid? Followed by the next thought: It MUST be my thyroid. I can take a pill, lose the weight, have so much energy, and live my perfect life. Isn’t that what thyroid […]

Weight Loss Pills for Women

weight loss pills for women

“What is the BEST weight loss pill?” – such a common question in my family medicine clinic. And such a great question for so many of us struggling to lose weight. I LOVE weight loss medicine – and by that I mean the practice of treating obesity, not just the medicine itself. It is complex […]

Do You Need Mineral Replacement in Your Vitamin?

do you need mineral replacement in your multivitamin

Do you need the mineral replacements found in your daily multivitamin? Check out your daily multivitamin label – you just may be getting 120% of your allotted daily Molybdenum and just 30% of your allotted calcium. Say what? You might be wondering, “What the heck is Molybdenum anyway? And why am I taking that every […]

What is Best to Take for Sleep?

what is best to take for sleep

What is best to take for sleep? Every chronic insomniac has their favorite go-to aid for sleep. For my Mom, it is Tylenol PM. Anyone struggling with sleep in the VinZant household? Tylenol PM to the rescue. Other’s take a more natural route – melatonin, chamomile, or valerian root may be your go-to for those […]

Should You Take a Multivitamin?

should you take a daily multivitamin

Let’s be honest – scurvy and rickets probably sound more like sports then diseases to Americans today. Extreme vitamin deficiencies are rare. This leaves us wondering: Should you take a multivitamin daily or are you just wasting your money? What Is In a Daily Multivitamin Anyway? Let’s start by looking at exactly what you are […]

Are You Taking Too Many Supplements?

how expensive is your urine

Are you taking too many supplements? How expensive is your pee? How much money are you literally peeing into the toilet? Funny thought, huh. You all know I LOVE my Medical Assistant, Roxanne. And Roxanne loves finding random supplements on Amazon. She follows MANY groups that keep telling her to buy more and more natural […]

Should You Page Your Doctor When …?

Should you page your Doctor when

A few months ago I had the strangest page from the hospital operators. They said, “Doctor, we know you don’t take calls but this patient said she is returning a call from you. Will you accept it?” “What do you mean I don’t take call?” I asked them. I stopped to think for a minute […]

Where to Go When You Get Sick: Navigating Modern Health Care

Where should you go when you are sick

“Could I just call Teladoc and have them order the MRI of my arm?” My husband asked recently after he tore his biceps tendon. He’s always manipulating where to go when he gets sick in his head. He asks me but he has formulated a plan. He asked this in between screams of pain – […]

Breast Implants Can Cause Cancer?

Breast implants can cause cancer

Breast implants CAN cause cancer. And what you choose to do with that information is scary for MANY women today. Let’s start by getting the facts straight. The Facts on Breast Implant-Associated Cancer: The increased cancer risk is called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). It is a form of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It is not […]