5 Keys to Get the Most Out of Your Yearly Physical

How to get the most of your yearly physical

In the age of insurance dominance, your Family Doctor is likely as frustrated as you are with the amount of time we have to discuss your health, even at your yearly physical. Being prepared and having realistic expectations will help make your appointment more efficient and allow you to get the most out of your […]

Are You Into Podcasts?

Into podcasts

Well, I did it. I was on my first Podcast. I have to admit – it made me nervous. And preparing to hear my voice on recording made me even more nervous. Are you into podcasts? This year has been all about going outside my comfort zone and trying new things. So when Jenny Helms, […]

Mom’s Can Get Gardasil?

Mom's can get Gardasil too

What if you could get a simple vaccine to prevent cancer? Wait, you can. And it is now approved for us “mature” ladies and gentlemen as well. Mom’s can get Gardasil. What is the Gardasil Vaccine? The Gardasil vaccine protects against the virus HPV and, through that, cervical cancer for women. The vaccine has been […]

Is it Sleep Apnea or Just Exhaustion?

Is is sleep apnea or are you just exhausted

Gained a few pounds over the past few years – Who hasn’t? Tired all of the time – Who isn’t? Getting older, grumpier, and less tolerant – Who’s not? The question remains: Is it sleep apnea or just exhaustion? So how do you know when you really have a problem or just have to suck-it-up-buttercup? […]

What About Those Extra Thyroid Tests?

What's with those extra thyroid tests

That frequent question, “Could it be my thyroid?” in answer to your tiredness, weight gain and thinning hair inevitably is closely followed by this question, “Isn’t there extra testing that you can do for my thyroid? I heard it doesn’t always show up with the first testing.” What about those extra thyroid tests? “What a […]

3 Reasons to Update Your Medicine Cabinet

Reasons to update your medicine cabinet

Everyone has their favorite stash spots. If yours results in you fishing items out of the toilet with your one-year-old’s fishing net, you are in the RIGHT place. It’s time to update your medicine cabinet. If you have Aleve in your hallway bathroom, bedside drawer, master bath, and purse, you are in the RIGHT place. […]

Fatigue: The Medical F-Word


When I told my dear friend from residency training, Doctor Bonnie, that I was starting a medical blog, she delivered up a host of “Bonnie-isms” that only she could construct. As her husband so eloquently puts it, “Living with Bonnie is like living in a high school musical. She delivers lines all day.” And my […]

What’s with this Thumb Pain?

what's with this thumb pain

Did you know that there is a disease commonly found in new Mom’s? No, it’s not sleep deprivation. Not breast engorgement. No, not leaking from every orifice at once. Nope, not hemorrhoids either. Boy, this new Mom thing is looking more and more attractive. If you are also wondering, “What’s with this thumb pain?” you […]

How to Stop Those Sugar Cravings

stop those sugar cravings

Join the waitlist for my next Weight Loss for Modern American Moms group! To do so schedule a FREE consult with me here. Or start by Losing 5 Pounds THIS Week by signing up for my FREE challenge here! My clients hit their goal weight. They shed those feelings of ugliness and shame that the extra pounds […]

A Doctor’s Experiment with CBD Oil

CBD oil experiment

CBD oil is the rage these days. Just walk down a main street in your town and you will likely find at least one store with “CBD” or “Shaman” written on it. I hear it all of the time in my office and, for some reason, patients cringe a bit when they tell me they […]