Why Do I Have One Overweight Child?

Do you have one child who just struggles with weight? And wonder – why? I’m raising them the same. Same genetics. Why is this one child so different? And how can I help my child lose weight and stay healthy? Where to Start When You Have One Overweight Child As an Obesity Medicine certified physician, […]

How to Raise Children That Don’t Struggle with Weight

How can you raise children in the United States today that don’t struggle with weight? Aren’t school lunches, snacks, and too much time on electronics to blame? How can a well-intentioned parent contend with all of those cultural faux-pas? As an Obesity Medicine certified Family Physician, Life and Weight Loss Coach, and former gestational diabetic, […]

How to Be a COVID Mom Superhero

What if I told you that you could go from a stressed out, anxious, guilty, over-eating Mom dealing with COVID to a COVID superhero Mom today by changing ONE THOUGHT? Is there any Mom out there who wouldn’t jump at that? For yourself, your mind, your waistline, and your family. Who doesn’t want to feel […]

How to Stop Breastfeeding Your Toddler at Night

How do you stop breastfeeding your toddler at night? Once that little one can run up to you and ask for milk, many of us Mom’s quickly cut back breastfeeding times during the day – especially when other people are around. But, for many, the feedings at nap and bedtime continue. It may be because […]

How to Stop a Toddler from Picking at Her Face

how to stop a toddler from picking at her skin

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The Scoop on Potty Training

the scoop on potty training

What is the scoop on potty training? As the mother of a rambunctious 18-month-old daughter who constantly follows me into the bathroom and likes to throw toilet paper into the bowl, I’m tempted to start potty-training my little lady. The Family Physician in me, however, says wait until she is 2 years old. And I […]

Is Your Child Addicted to Sugar?

Is your child addicted to sugar

Is your child addicted to sugar? I actually started questioning this myself with the question: “Can a one-year-old be addicted to sugar?” That should be a rhetorical question. At my house, it’s not. And, if a one-year-old can be addicted to sugar, mine is. How do I know? Let me tell you a story about […]

Why You Should Drop Everything and Play

why you should drop everything and play

I am not the “fun” parent by nature. I admit it. The task-oriented, perfection-driven, clean freak in me just struggles to drop everything and play. And I was acutely reminded of this on Saturday morning. While I worked on weight loss research for my blog, I grew increasingly frustrated with my husband for not curtailing […]

Worried about Your Teen and Drugs?

Worried about your teen and drugs

Here’s the thing: Many teens dabble with alcohol and marijuana these days. And tons of kids vape or JUUL. That may make you uncomfortable as a parent. Actually that should make you uncomfortable as a parent. But that does not mean that your child is an addict or alcoholic. When should you be worried about […]

5 Tips for Parents of Addicts

parents of addicts

Addiction ends one of the following ways: in jail, in an institution, by death, or by recovery. That’s an awful thought – but it’s true. And parents of addicts can spend years afraid of these consequences and afraid of the next phone call they will receive. Here’s 5 tips for parents of addicts from people […]