Tips to Deal with Temper Tantrums in Older Kids

Tips for dealing with temper tantrums in older kids

Everyone remembers the two-year-old temper tantrum. Those were totally unpredictable and left you wanting to laugh at how silly they can become. When preteens, teens, and adult children throw a temper tantrum, it just is not that funny. And we all need tips to deal with temper tantrums in older kids when they happen. Roxanne […]

When Should My Baby Start Solid Foods?

when should my baby start solid foods

When those sweet little nursing cuddles become not quite enough to keep that kiddo from crying at night the question always arises – when should my baby start solid foods? Let’s start at the beginning to be thorough. When Baby is born … Ideally, breast is best. It doesn’t work for everyone but give it […]

What is the Best Punishment for a Rogue New Driver?

What is the best punishment for a rogue teen driver

I got the DREADED parent-of-a-new-driver call. It could have been worse, thank God, but it still made my heart skip a beat. It was from the police… And I realized I had a problem to solve. What is the best punishment for a rogue new driver? My 15-year-old had just started driving on a restricted […]

How to Prevent Burnout for Mom’s

How to prevent Mom burnout

News Flash: Faux Self-Care is not the way to prevent burnout for Mom’s. Boundaries are. I wanted to share with you all some of the BEST advice I have read in some time on Burnout. And you just got it. Here’s how to prevent burnout for Mom’s. As you may or may not have read […]

What Should My One-Year-Old Be Eating?

What should my one-year-old be eating

I have a STRONG-MINDED one-year-old at my house. I’m certain she gets it from her Dad. She loves Mom’s milk and not much else really. She can even tell Mom’s milk from cow’s milk in a bottle. And she refuses the cow’s milk. It’s insane. And it leaves me researching: What should my one-year-old be […]

5 Keys to Get Your Kids to Take Liquid Medicine

Key tips for kids medicine

You know those liquids that you are trying desperately to shove down your child’s throat in order to make them better? There is a good chance that they taste AWFUL. And that does not make your job any easier. I know, I hear it every day. You need keys to succeed in getting your kids […]

5 Activities to Enjoy With Your Child After a LONG Day at the Office

activities to enjoy with kids after a long day

Have you had those days when you feel like it’s 5:00 and then find out it’s only 10 in the morning? When you get in the car, look at your scowling teenager or crying baby, and think, “Is this living the dream?” When you just go through the motions and feel like life is going […]

Do You Use Diaper Rash Cream With Every Diaper Change?

Should you use diaper cream with every diaper change

Join the waitlist for my next Weight Loss for Modern American Moms group! To do so schedule a FREE consult with me here. Or start by Losing 5 Pounds THIS Week by signing up for my FREE challenge here! My clients hit their goal weight. They shed those feelings of ugliness and shame that the extra pounds […]

1 Easy Step to Prevent Entitlement

prevent entitlement in your kids

Can you even fathom spending $500,000 to get your child into a college that they DON’T EVEN WANT to attend? I mean seriously. There are far too many problems in that simple question. How do you ever get to that point? Here’s an equally scary thought. You know it didn’t start (and likely won’t stop) […]

3 Ways to Make The “Puberty Talk” Better for Your Child

How to have the puberty talk

As a Mom, we all remember that moment from your childhood when it all changed. The day you became a WOMAN. How did you feel that day – Scared? Excited? Full of shame? Or did your Mom skip the “puberty talk” altogether? More than likely, those feelings were driven by the preparation you received for […]