I thought my first post would be about something “medical” but I am not feeling that today. And this Blog is intended to be about my thoughts today. Instead, I want to start by addressing the humanity in medicine – what holds us together and keeps us going. And, it might surprise you to know that Doctors struggle to find words at times, too.

I am a Doctor who went through years of schooling and training to heal. More than that, I am also a Mom, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend.

When Training Meets Real Life

As a physician, we are trained to make the hard decisions. We are taught to deliver medical news in a manner that is factual without holding back the hard parts. We are trained to not be blubbering idiots while doing that. I can do that; that is my job.

I know my place in these difficult situations and would never jeopardize that. But don’t mistake that for lack of heart. I can’t tell you how many times I cried before walking into the room to deliver that news. Or how many times I barely kept it together with a dying patient and went to my office as tears streamed down my face afterwards.

I know the impact that the news I am delivering will have on my patients, on their Moms, daughters, sisters, friends. There are times it breaks my heart, too.

In this time when we question motives and try so hard to stay politically correct, we sometimes lose humanity for legality. Most Doctors are healers by nature and genuinely want to help. We are human and we share this human experience with you.

Doctors struggle to find words, too. And we struggle with the bad news we are trained to deliver. Give your Doctor a hug today (or maybe just a compliment).. and while you are at it, the nurse can use one, too.

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