How to Be a COVID Mom Superhero

What if I told you that you could go from a stressed out, anxious, guilty, over-eating Mom dealing with COVID to a COVID superhero Mom today by changing ONE THOUGHT?

Is there any Mom out there who wouldn?t jump at that? For yourself, your mind, your waistline, and your family. Who doesn?t want to feel like the Superhero Mom you already are?

I know you have superhero powers – but do you? Do you believe that?

There is ONLY one thing standing in the way of you believing that ? your thoughts. And today I am going to teach you the one thought to turn this all around for you despite COVID. It only takes ONE THOUGHT

That?s it? Yep, that?s it. Change your thoughts, change your experience even with COVID. COVID you can?t change, your thoughts, feelings, and actions because of it you can. Crazy, huh. 

What Is a Superhero?

Merriam-Webster defines a superhero as an exceptionally skillful or successful person. 

Are you not already exceptionally skillful and successful at managing your children? Your meals? Finances? Your family? 

Can you convince your kids to get on their online schooling and complete assignments? You can – skillful. 

Can you prepare meals for your family? I?m betting you already are. Successful. 

Can you deal with your spouse on a whole new schedule and under the same roof for a LONG time? Skillful and successful. 

You are a Mom doing it all. Skillful and successful, you are a superhero. You were before COVID, you can be during COVID, and you will be after COVID. 

Why Don?t You Feel Like a SUPERHERO Already?

I know what you are thinking – I sure don?t feel like a superhero. 

I feel anxious about protecting my family. What if everyone gets sick and someone dies?

I feel guilty that I can?t devote myself to work and my children at the same time. They both need me – what gives? 

I feel sad thinking about the changes happening in the world. And worried about the finances of my family. I’m worried that my parents are going to get sick and die. 

You are thinking, “My COVID success story looks like me gaining 15 pounds by the time this is over, stressed out, grey-haired, anxious, and ready to run from my family.”  

How is that superhero material?

What COVID Has Done to Cause Anxiety

Here?s the truth: our world has been rocked in the past few weeks. Our schedules, our finances, and our health are all questionable at this point. They are different for sure. But change is something you can handle with the right mindset. 

The reason you are feeling anxiety is solely because of your thoughts about these changes. 

Try These Thoughts…

I?m going to provide a few words. Simple words. What is the first thought that comes to your mind?

COVID, Corona virus, world-wide pandemic, self-isolation, quarantine. 

What thoughts come to mind? 

I?m guessing they aren?t pretty or positive. 

What About These Thoughts…

What about these words? Working in my pajamas, no more kids activities at night, no social obligations, extended time with family.

What thoughts come to mind with that?

Those are both the experiences MOST of you will have with COVID. What makes one more true than the other? For many of you, COVID will be an extended time at home with your family. Working in your pajamas. How nice is that?

What makes words like quarantine, pandemic, etc., more true and more realistic than that?

The reason that you believe the scary words MORE is two-fold: you keep hearing them on the news and because you are afraid. You are afraid that if you don?t have the fear and anxiety you won?t be on guard, you won?t protect your family, you won?t notice symptoms, you all might die. 

But, is that really true? Does looking at what is happening in China really change your daily life right now? No, it makes you more nervous, more anxious, over-eat, and freak out your kids.

It doesn?t help YOU. And when you are in a state of anxiety, you will do nothing more than search out any news program or social media outlet to confirm that you are right to be anxious. Our brains work like that. 

The COVID Reality

You are staying home like you’ve been asked to do, preparing meals for your family, and taking care of work. You are already the COVID Mom Superhero you want to be. Now, you just have to think it to make it a reality.

This is OUR time. This is a time in our lives that our children will remember and our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will ask us about. How do you want to remember it? And how do you want your kids to remember it? It is all up to you and can be changed today. 

How to Be the COVID MOM Superhero

Start by waking up each morning and saying to yourself, ?I am a COVID Mom Superhero. I?ve got this.? How will your days change? How will you show up differently for yourself and your family as a COVID Superhero than you already are now?

Will you make a healthy breakfast for yourself and your kids instead of the store bought donuts? You might. If a COVID Mom Superhero does that in your house. 

Will you take the kids outside to play instead of watching the news? It depends. Does a COVID Mom Superhero do that at your house?

Will you work more or less? Take on cleaning out the closet or leave the mess for a few days and make a puzzle with your teen? What does a COVID Mom Superhero do?

How to Write Your Own Superhero Story

Here?s the point. You are writing your own story TODAY. And this will be a chapter that you remember. I promise. The history books will tell the big story. Let them. 

YOU will tell your story. The story of your family. The story of your kids. You write it every morning when you wake up. 

And YOU are already the Superhero of that story. You are that for yourself and your family. Tell yourself that 10 times a day instead of watching the news. You will start believing it. And no one can take that away from you. No one can argue. The anxiety will decrease. The overeating and weight gain will decrease. The pressure will decrease. The fun will increase. The bonding will increase. Your life will grow. 

This is your story. You are the superhero. Now, go tell it.?

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