Are You Into Podcasts?

Well, I did it. I was on my first Podcast. I have to admit – it made me nervous. And preparing to hear my voice on recording made me even more nervous. Are you into podcasts?

This year has been all about going outside my comfort zone and trying new things. So when Jenny Helms, Eating Disorder specialist and owner of Soma Recovery, asked my to join her on her podcast, Yellow Brick Therapy, my answer was, “Heck Yes.” And it was FUN!

Jenny and I have treated patients in common and she does fabulous work. There is tons of good information on the Podcast – check it out! Hope you enjoy my first ever Podcast interview… there may be more to come.

Are you into Podcasts?

Here’s one to check out …

Link to Yellow Brick Therapy Podcast:

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Are you into podcasts