I have a new obsession – I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. It’s KYLIE lip gloss. Think what you may of the Kardashian’s but that stuff ROCKS. And I can also say that Kylie helped me realize that my husband is completely clueless. He doesn’t just seem that way.

I have had a trying experience at this thing called adulthood but I have been completely blessed in one way – I have the BEST friends. I still have a monthly lunch (AKA therapy lunch) with two of my best gal pals from residency training. And I live for that lunch as we talk about medicine, kids, trips, fashion, and everything that matters in life.

Girls Lunch: A Life Changer

A few lunches ago I noticed that they had both suddenly become professional adults. Their newfound adult status came from the fact that they both walked in with lips that matched their outfits. What? How was I left in the dust with a naked lip looking like an angsty preteen? I must grow with the times. We confirmed that KYLIE lip gloss is where it’s at for working women. She has great colors that stay all day. Sold.

Is your husband that clueless?

Totally fan-girl these fabulous ladies and they listen to me whine!

So, I ordered my daughter, Ella, and I her special ” HELLO 21″ 50% off treat for Valentines Day this year (#lipgloss). I am chairing Go Red for Women for the Heart Association in my city this year so I decided to commit to a red lip for the month of February. I got SO many compliments from patients, staff, and friends. You would have thought I was rocking a nose ring.

The King of Compliments

What did my husband have to say? That’s a different story. As we drove home from church, he looked over at me and said, “Can I ask you a question?” Loaded, I knew it. “Is your lip supposed to look like that? Is that the look you are going for?” I immediately pulled down the mirror to check out my fabulous KYLIE look and found this:

Is Your Husband that Clueless?

I have been blessed with a large bottom lip and, as my husband so kindly pointed out, lip gloss doesn’t always stay on the inner aspect. SO, I looked over at him:

Is your husband that clueless?

Is Your Husband that Clueless?

“Yes,” I told him. “That’s exactly how I wanted it to look. Now look at yourself – did you want your belly to look like that? Do you hear me commenting on your look?” End of conversation. #stubbornhusband

Simple Solution:

KYLIE lip gloss ROCKS and makes you feel like an adult. Girlfriends are the best. My husband is clueless. That’s enough for today.

For more on Kylie Lip Gloss, check out: https://www.kyliecosmetics.com/collections/gloss You are welcome.

For more Blog Posts on Husbands (I’ll leave that there): https://doctormome.com/does-your-husband-have-sh-dl-syndrome/

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