My 3 Favorite Medical Shows to Watch Now

“Is there really a Doctor McDreamy?” I remember my sister asking me when I was in my family practice residency training. “Surely there is a hot young Doctor that everyone has a crush on?” And, no, Doctor McDreamy did not make the list of my 3 favorite medical shows to watch. Not even close.

“Actually, residency is way more like Scrubs than Grey’s Anatomy,” I responded. And I still believe that is true. Scrubs is hilariously accurate.

In every line of work, a TV show can either hit so close to home that you laugh or cry in a way that no one around you understands or you be so off base that you cringe at the inaccuracy. Medicine is no exception. Sometimes I hear diagnoses pronounced wrong, the stories are so unbelievable, and the cures so impossible that I can’t even watch without disgust.

On the other end, I have found a few medically-themed TV shows recently that I love. These shows leave you thinking about the nature of medicine and provoke emotion either way.

So, I thought I would share my recent (and not so recent) favorites …

My 3 Favorite Medical Shows to Watch Now

#3 – Call The Midwife

This sweet series is available on Netflix and was my maternity-leave go to show. It is set in the East End of London in the 1950’s and features a group of young nursing midwives living in a convent with nuns who are experienced midwives and their mentors. The different characters are cute and quirky from the demented old nun to the socialite who gives up her riches to serve the poor (Chummy really is the best!). You will grow to love them.

Based on the the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth, each episode focuses on one pregnancy and birth story interwoven with the main characters stories. The medical side is surprisingly accurate and the techniques used interesting from today’s advanced medical world.

And the best part? There are 8 Seasons for binge watching so you won’t finish too quick. Expect a feel-good just-got-a-hug feeling from this show.

#2 – Diagnosis

I stumbled across this one on Netflix last week and I am OBSESSED. This show takes us to the other end of medicine – how far we can push modern technology and modern medicine to diagnose a rare disease.

Hosted by Dr. Lisa Sanders, a physician and professor at Yale-New Haven Hospital, this show uses social media to crowd source for the diagnosis of rare medical diseases. Dr. Sanders puts the information out there on social media and the ideas come in from around the world. Individuals who have struggled with a diagnosis for decades may now have a cure.

I could write a whole post on this show and the thoughts I have on it – join my email list for this week’s email if you would like a deeper-dive. For now, let me say that the fate of the main characters is not just in the hands of the public and medicine. Some patients also ultimately determine their own fate.

The best part? Two of my favorite patients, Kamiyah and Joe, just may have a different life after Diagnosis. Be prepared with a tissue as this show is not just interesting, it is a tear-jerker as well. And there is only 1 Season so far. I’m hoping for much more.

#1 – Scrubs

Scrubs is my all-time favorite medically-themed TV show. And I doubt it will ever be replaced. If you want to laugh uncontrollably after a horrible day at work, this is your show.

And it is available on Amazon Prime.

You watch as the main character, JD, goes through his hospital training and on to become an attending physician. And the true humor comes in the cast of characters beside him. You see, personality types exist in hospitals just like in the real world. And they really do exist.

From the janitor, who rules the hospital in his own way, to “The Todd”, the brash surgeon who is interested in discussing anything but medicine, this show is so surprising accurate when you least expect it. It’s hilarious and true. And everyone who has spent much time working in a hospital will agree. It is much more like the real place than Grey’s Anatomy will ever be.

The best part? There are 9 Seasons to watch BUT skip the last. It should have stopped at 8.

Simple Solution: If you are looking to jump deeper into the medical world past and present, these are my suggestions. Skip Nurse Jackie and The Resident. You won’t regret watching my 3 favorite shows.

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