Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss at Holidays

Need some positive thoughts for weight loss at the holidays?

I have you covered.

Working on weight loss is tough as it is but the holidays have the ability to truly derail your weight loss mindset and success. That is super frustrating and frequently shuts down the best made plans. It doesn’t have to, though, especially if you are prepared for any situation BEFORE it occurs.

Here’s why the holidays make weight loss tricky:

  • Stress levels increase = increased cortisol = less weight loss
  • Sleep decreases (especially for stressed out moms) = increased cortisol = less weight loss
  • Temptations increase as we get yummy gifts and food is everywhere – Doctors offices are notorious for this one. Trust me.
  • Family members make comments that may derail our new found positivity

The best thing we have going for us as we approach the holidays is that we KNOW these things will occur. They happen year after year as our waistlines increase and increase.

The average American gains 1-2 pounds over the holidays. That adds up over the years. And I can guarantee you that those of us who struggle with weight gain MUCH more than that. The few skinny’s just balance that number out.

positive thoughts for weight loss at holidays

Mindless Eating at the Holidays

Why are we caught off guard when we turn to the leftover pie on Black Friday while sitting in oversized pajamas in front of a computer screen? Not that I have experienced that personally or anything. Just an example.

We are caught off guard because we didn’t PREPARE. We prepared the pie but we didn’t prepare our minds to deal with it. We start the MINDLESS eating that we are learning to avoid out of habit, stress, or even the joy of holiday celebration.

And there is no bigger time than the holidays for lots of bad options to assist in our mindless eating habits. That food is everywhere.

Tips to AVOID Mindless Holiday Eating

We prepare everything else for the holidays, why not prepare your mind for eating challenges? Revolutionary, huh.

You will be more likely to avoid mindless eating if you add the following to that routine:

  • Prepare an eating protocol the NIGHT before – and it is ok to put a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert on that list. It’s ok to add a glass of wine. It’s ok to have a roll. You can allow whatever your comfort level may be. If you want to stick to your regular dietary changes, that’s good too. It is ok to allow for a few exceptions at a holiday meal, though. Just pick the ones that matter to YOU.
  • Be specific on #s and servings – Make your protocol specific that way you will know both what and how much you are allowing in advance. You will be much more likely to stick to 1 glass of wine if you know you are allowing a slice of pie or vice versa. Be specific!
  • Prepare your mind for stressful encounters – You may know that a specific Aunt will push your buttons or your Mom may comment on your weight. Nothing new there. Why not prepare your mind for that and not let it effect your feelings, actions, and results?
  • Prepare for leftovers – Junk food is everywhere this time of year. For me, sweets are my weakness. I can bring home rolls and stuffing without a flinch. Pie is a different story. Just don’t keep the biggest temptations in the house. There is no reason to set yourself up for defeat.

Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss at Holidays

With all of this stacked against us, how can we continue on our weight loss journey despite the holidays?

You ABSOLUTELY can. And you alone have control over that. Not even your mean Aunt can change your weight loss journey – only you can.

Yes, the stress, sleep, and change in routine may SLOW those results but it’s all about how you THINK about them that matters.

And positive thoughts are our biggest ally when tackling our weight.

Here are some positive thoughts I have found helpful to continue toward my goal over the holidays:

  • I can make good choices despite distraction
  • Preparing for for weight loss success is my gift to myself every year
  • There is no bigger gift I can give myself than my health
  • Pie may taste good but a healthy lifestyle changes my life
  • I am more important than the gifts I give other people
  • I am worth more than a number on the scale

Simple Solution: You ABSOLUTELY can continue your weight loss journey through the holidays without missing out. Just set your goals and be prepared for distractions. Your weight loss may slow a little and that’s ok. This is not a race. This is YOUR life and your health.

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