Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss Frustration

Need to turn to positive thoughts to beat that weight loss frustration?

I have been there.

Here’s the deal: we all have small set backs on the road to a healthier weight. It will never be that perfect linear line from beginning to goal. Our bodies are just WAY more complicated than that.

As a family physician, I see that every day. The numbers rarely fit perfectly into the clinical picture. Just ask an engineer tracking her blood sugars. Definitely one of my favorite medical conversations. Usually, they think I’m stupid but I have them foiled. I know better – I’ve seen it a hundred times.

The truth is that YOUR thoughts about those set backs are what will change what happens next. You can choose to implode and give up from frustration OR you can choose to approach the frustration with POSITIVE thoughts and create positive results.

And the best part is it is ALL up to you – no one else.

Our results are determined by our thoughts, not the scale.

I know, you think I have really lost it now. But, stop a minute and think about that.

Let’s say the scale says 160 pounds. What does that mean to you? 160 pounds is just a number. 160 pounds could be great or it could be devastating. And that is the direct result of how your BRAIN is interpreting that number on the scale.

How our brains interpret that number leads to how we feel about our progress, what we do about it, and the weight loss results we see. Deep, huh.

positive thoughts for weight loss frustration

You Can Change that Frustration by Your THOUGHTS

And that’s the best part. You can change how you feel by changing your thoughts.

My favorite way to do this in terms of weight loss goals is to do the following:

  1. Pick your goal weight – set a number. It doesn’t matter to me what it is. It only matters to YOU.
  2. Imagine how YOU would feel about your weight loss journey when you reach that goal weight. Will you feel proud? Happy? Satisfied? Frustrated?
  3. Consider what thoughts you will have about your weight loss journey when you feel proud, happy or satisfied and are at your goal weight?

And that is the most interesting part – to me. And hopefully to you.

It’s ALL About Your Thoughts

Make sure to answer the questions above before you read on – I don’t want to influence YOUR results.

I LOVE looking at yourself from a point of success for a few reasons:

  • We are kind to ourselves when we KNOW we can and have reached our goals. All of a sudden the time it takes, the minor set backs along the way, the frustrations that we can’t get over at the time become less important. They become little stories or anecdotes along a bigger journey. A journey that has proven it can lead to success.
  • We believe in ourselves MORE. When we consider that we WILL achieve that goal despite obstacles, we realize that a minor issue is just that – a minor issue. We don’t shut down the bigger goal because of a short-term frustration, plateau on the scale, or bad day. Instead ,we go FORWARD despite it. We change what we need to and continue toward a bigger goal.
  • We CHOOSE different thoughts and emotions. By becoming curious, we approach at our weight loss journey from a place of curiosity not self-defeat and dread. And when we are curious, we are open to change.

And we change the trajectory of frustration causing overeating and lack of weight loss or weight regain.

Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss Frustration

How would you think about this current weight loss frustration if you were sitting across the room from yourself at your goal weight and looking back?

Chances are you would say, “It’s ok. Stop beating yourself up. This is just a step in the process. You can beat this.” And give yourself a BIG hug.

Why not just go ahead and do that now? Why are you waiting to get to that arbitrary number on the scale?

After all, the scale is just a number. It’s how you interpret it, how you feel about yourself because of your thoughts, and what you do with that feeling that matters. No one else gets to decide – only you. And that is life-changing.

Simple Solution: Frustration with weight loss is inevitable. It’s how you think about it that matters. Love yourself, be curious, and focus on the future. Your life will start to change when you do that.

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