Can you really use positive thoughts to beat a weight loss plateau?

How many times have you hit that same weight loss plateau in your life? You get on the scale after a great day – you ate well AND exercised. You avoided that afternoon snack in the break room AND the donuts your co-worker brought in for breakfast. But the scale doesn’t move.

The next day, you say to yourself, “Forget it. It doesn’t matter what I eat anyway. My body wants to be fat. Poor me.” And then you eat the donuts and cupcakes. Likely you don’t even get on the scale after that, but let’s say you do. And the scale hasn’t moved.

What the heck? Now you have not only convinced yourself that you are losing this weight loss battle and destined to be overweight but you have also proven to yourself that you can eat poorly and your weight will STILL stay the same.

That’s the tricky thing about plateaus. They last – for awhile that is.

Why Do We Need Positive Thoughts to Beat A Plateau?

And that is exactly why we NEED positive thoughts in order to break through a weight loss plateau. We all know logically that going back to our bad habits because we are frustrated with the scale will not end well.

Yet it happens all of the time. And that stems from the negative thoughts that we are feeding ourselves (nice pun, huh) all day long. Thoughts of self-doubt, failure, and lack of self-worth.

Plateau’s Start with A Scale

In order to even know that you hit that plateau, you have to get on the scale. And I would recommend doing that daily. The scale itself is a neutral thing after all. It is simply a number and a device to register that number. It is the VALUE that we assign to that simple number on the scale that matters.

Let’s say you get on scale and the number says 150lbs.

That truly is a neutral number. 150 lbs. But I bet your mind either went to, “I wish.” Or, “That would be awful.” And you didn’t even notice. What does 150 lbs. mean to you? And what does your current weight mean?

It is that exact thought that drives our feelings of success or defeat when we hit a weight loss plateau and step on the scale. And those feelings will drive your actions – whether you stick with it and work harder or give up in defeat. And guess what happens next? Weight loss or regain.

And it all starts with your thoughts – the number on the scale is the same either way.

positive thoughts to beat your weight loss plateau

Positive Thoughts to Beat that Plateau

A plateau on the scale can be viewed as success no matter how far from your final goal. Hitting a plateau means you have already achieved some weight loss – great news! You have already made the necessary steps to prioritize weight loss AND you have been successful at it.

So, don’t give up now. Why accept defeat over a little pause in the scale? Instead, decide that you will think positive thoughts and rehearse them in your head each morning.

The thoughts you tell yourself need to be authentic in order to work. They are different for everyone. Below are a few that work for me.

Simple Positive Thoughts to Replace the Negative:

Give these POSITIVE thoughts a try and you will be more likely to kick up your weight loss routine and less likely to head for those donuts. And that will lead to weight loss success. It is a journey and you are on it.

Simple Solution: Practicing positive thoughts rather than those of defeat will help keep you on the right path through that weight loss plateau. Give them a try.

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