Positive Thoughts to Reach that Goal Weight

What are positive thoughts to actually reach that goal weight?

Do you have a number on the scale that means success to you? Have you thought about what that number would be?

Weight loss coaching and the medical world agree on this simple point: you are much more likely to achieve your weight loss goal if it is specific. So, go ahead and set that goal if you haven’t already. Dream big – I mean small.

It Starts With a Specific Goal

Once you have a specific goal, you need to start figuring out how to get there. And when you decide in your mind that you will get to that goal, no matter what, you will. Your thoughts will guide your actions until you achieve success. It’s truly the believing in yourself that is the hardest step. Everything else follows.

Accept those food urges (see my post on urges if you need a refresher: https://doctormome.com/post/positive-thoughts-to-beat-eating-for-pleasure/). They will come but just recognizing them will make you prepared and decrease the mindless eating that typically results from negative feelings.

Believe in the beauty of your body (see my post on believing you can lose weight: (https://doctormome.com/post/positive-thoughts-to-believe-you-can-lose-weight/). Keep practicing those positive thoughts until you believe them. They may seem strange at first if you are used to the negative thoughts that typically occupy our minds about our bodies. But, with time, that neural circuitry in your brain will change into believing the positive. What do you have to lose? Even if you believe a slightly more positive version, that’s a win in the long run.

What Steps Will Help You Get to That Goal Weight?

Here’s the thing about changing your mind. It takes consistency. Once you consistently change your mind your actions will also consistently change.

Scientific research shows that consistency matters on the scale, too. And that consistency is especially important in 3 areas:

  1. Set a daily eating plan and stick to it. Monitoring what you eat and being honest with yourself on snacking and portion sizes matters. If you will set a plan the night before or early in the morning then you are less likely to cheat.
  2. Weigh yourself daily. Studies show the best results come when people weigh themselves daily. And TRY to make the scale an unemotional experience – I know, even my one-year-old struggles with that.
  3. Increase your activity levels. Just plain being active increases calorie burning even if you aren’t heading to the gym every morning. Get a sit-stand desk, take those extra steps, and simply move more throughout the day. It all adds up. And it will really help with maintaining that weight loss over the long run.

What If You Slip Up on the Way?

There’s a funny thing that gets in the way with weight loss. It’s called life. As I did diet trials for my blog, I noticed that over and over again. What I’m human? No way.

Different events would come up and celebrations would notoriously derail my best thought out plans. And I was being super strict in order to compare weight loss results across multiple diets. So, each celebration I would cringe at because I knew that would mess up my results for comparison.

And it did – a little bit – even if I tried my best to stick to the plan. And that’s ok. Life just does that. When we slip, and you will at some point, you get to pick what happens next. Isn’t that empowering?

You can say, “Wow! That tasted good and I can have that again in the future when I am closer to my goal weight.” Or you can say, “I’m a horrible person who is destined to be fat the rest of her life.” Guess where each thought will lead?

There is never one meal, one day, or even one vacation that will destroy your diet. Your thoughts after an indulgent meal, day, or vacation are the only things powerful enough to do that. And you have complete control over that.

Positive Thoughts to Reach that Goal Weight

What are some positive thoughts to help you reach that goal weight? Here’s a few that I like. See if they feel right to you:

  • I will reach my goal weight.
  • I will continue to work on my weight until I reach my goal.
  • Because I am making my weight my first priority, I will work on it until I reach my goal.
  • I deserve to be healthy by reaching my goal weight.
  • I deserve to feel good about my body and my goal weight.
  • By staying open to the changes I need to make, I will work until I reach my goal weight.
  • I believe in the power of my body and my mind to reach my goal.

Simple Solution: Your goal weight is absolutely attainable. Set a specific goal, practice positive thoughts, allow those urges without action, and be consistent and you will get there.

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