What is Weight Loss Coaching?

What is weight loss coaching anyway? Do you need it? Does weight loss coaching mean you will have someone running behind you yelling at you to run a sprint or drop and do 10 push-ups? It?s amazing how many people only relate coaches to sports and middle school gym class. Not many people want to […]

How to Stop Stress Eating During Times of Crisis

Who isn’t stress eating these days? Two groups of people: Naturally thin people – they aren’t eating at all. Believe me. They stop eating when stressed. It’s annoyingly incomprehensible for those of us who struggle with being overweight. Weight loss coaches – yes, it is possible to have had a life long toxic relationship with […]

10 Questions to Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss

Ready to mentally prepare for weight loss in the New Year? I know, you are not ready to start that diet now. It’s almost the week of Christmas for crying out loud. And then, in just a few weeks, it will be January. And you will be ready to hit the gym. Change the diet. […]

Positive Thoughts for Weight Loss at Holidays

Need some positive thoughts for weight loss at the holidays? I have you covered. Working on weight loss is tough as it is but the holidays have the ability to truly derail your weight loss mindset and success. That is super frustrating and frequently shuts down the best made plans. It doesn’t have to, though, […]

Positive Thoughts to Believe You Can Lose Weight

What are positive thoughts to believe you can lose weight? We all have the best of intentions, don’t we? If you are anything like I was for years, you start noticing a tightness of your jeans on Friday. You say to yourself, ” I really need to get this weight off. I need to prioritize […]

Positive Thoughts to Beat Eating for Pleasure

Need some help with positive thoughts to beat eating for pleasure? That’s a HUGE one, isn’t it? Food is enjoyment after all for most of us. But, does it need to be? And why did it go from a necessity to stay alive to the mainstay of recurrent pleasure in most of our lives? Think […]

Positive Thoughts to Stop Self Soothing through Food

Are there positive thoughts strong enough to stop us from self soothing through food? After all, it is ingrained in humans at birth. We learn early in life to soothe with food. Just watch a baby cry for milk then snuggle in for nursing. It is the epitome of comfort – you can feel the […]

Positive Thoughts to Beat Your Weight Loss Plateau

Can you really use positive thoughts to beat a weight loss plateau? How many times have you hit that same weight loss plateau in your life? You get on the scale after a great day – you ate well AND exercised. You avoided that afternoon snack in the break room AND the donuts your co-worker […]

How to Stop Boredom Eating Today

With everyone at home these days, boredom eating seems to be peaking. And there is nothing better than a chocolate chip cookie to solve that problem. How do you stop boredom eating? In my quest to cure my own emotional eating habits, I have been trying to think of positive thoughts that I cannot resist. […]