The MVP Bunch

Here?s the story of a lovely lady (me, of course..)

Who was bringing up one lovely little girl (Hello, Ella!)

She did have hair of gold, like her mother (True)

Her Mama had the curls … (And they can get big with humidity, yes, I know)

The MVP Bunch

Seriously, this is our life …

It?s the story of a man named Brian

Who was busy with three boys of his own (True fact)

They were four men living all together (No further comment on hygiene)

Eating pizza and watching UFC fights until they were grown (UFC really?)

The MVP Bunch

This is wild …

Till the one day when the lady married this fellow

And they added a yellow lab puppy and the wildest little blonde-haired blue-eyed 1/4 Mexican runt (have you seen Eliza?)

And this group would somehow form a family (there are days …)

That?s the way they all became the MVP bunch (Maybee-VinZant-Perrone)

The MVP Bunch

We’re your modern American family

The MVP bunch

The MVP bunch (The other orders don’t compare – we tried them)

That?s the way we became the MVP bunch

Now, seriously, where’s my Alice???

Photos from the fabulous Sara McMillian Photography on our land – in the same spot we were married. How awesome is that?

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