What is Weight Loss Coaching?

What is weight loss coaching anyway?

Do you need it?

Does weight loss coaching mean you will have someone running behind you yelling at you to run a sprint or drop and do 10 push-ups?

It?s amazing how many people only relate coaches to sports and middle school gym class.

Not many people want to go back there – at least not those women who are looking to lose weight. Those are NOT good memories. 
Why would a grown woman pay someone to coach them into tears?

Good question. I have answers. 

What is weight loss coaching?

Let?s start by defining coaching. Merriam-Webster defines a coach as ?a private teacher who gives someone lessons in a particular subject?. 

Coaches are simply private teachers in their area of expertise. Weight loss coaches are private teachers to assist in weight loss. 

The synonyms for coaching are different than you would think as well. They include: cultivation, nurturance, enlightenment, development, and direction. 

Let?s look at a few of these synonyms:

  1. Cultivation – Love this. Losing weight is an art. Our bodies are complex works of art (and science). Losing weight is not the same for everyone. Putting every person on the same generic plan just doesn?t work. And especially doesn?t last. Our minds equally have to be cultivated in weight loss coaching. After all, the goal is NOT to put you on a diet that you cannot sustain, break within 6 months, and regain the weight. That is hardly cultivation. 
  2. Enlightenment – Oh my goodness. The Buddhist definition of enlightenment ?a final blessed state marked by the absence of desire?. Bingo. My favorite goal for my weight loss coaching clients is to decrease their desire for food. Why? Because willpower doesn?t last. And constantly fighting desire that is out of control wears us out, brings us down, and makes us fail. Bring down the desire and you can succeed at weight loss for life. And it won?t feel as hard as you think.  
  3. Direction – You have to have a ?course on which you are moving? in order to lose weight. That course needs to be directed by your teacher but adopted by you for long-term success. You will get that with weight loss coaching, not a fad diet. 

How does weight loss coaching work?

Here?s the magic of weight loss coaching: it is more about your mind than your diet. Wild, huh? 

I tried many of the popular diets around these days and ? and I lost almost the exact same on every diet I tried. I was actually looking for the perfect diet and realized there is simply not one perfect diet out there. There is the best diet for you – one that you can stick with for life.

The Obesity Medicine studies and guidelines actually support that exact approach. Medicine, personal experience, and coaching all align – that’s my favorite combination. Believe me, it took hundreds of hours of research for me to get to that simple answer – I thought it would be much more complicated than that.

Most of my weight loss coaching clients have tried every diet around, have lost and regained their weight multiple times, and don?t even believe in themselves anymore. 

Why is that? Because they tried all of the fad diets, tried to fit into that perfect shell, and either:

  1. Grew tired of it and quit
  2. Couldn?t stand the urges and quit
  3. Felt it was too expensive and quit
  4. Lost all their weight, decided they couldn?t live like this, and regained all the weight they lost and then some

Have you been there?

There?s a reason.

No one ever worked on your desire for food. No one told you that there is SO much more work to be done than just eating what your neighbors told you worked for them. You still desired food too much to out will-power the urges. You thought that you could go right back to your previous diet once you got this weight off. Did someone say that this meant sticking with this diet for life? What about vacation and holidays and Fridays?

Why try weight loss coaching?

And, that?s why you need a coach. Only 1% of people lose their weight and keep it off. Those statistics are not pretty but they are true. 

And I believe the majority of that 1% are people who have mastered their love-hate relationships with food. They don?t think about food all day long. They stick to their plan because it is easy. How do you get there? How do you become that 1%? 

You can be the 1%.

You have some work to do but there is no reason that you can?t achieve the weight loss goal you desire. Weight loss coaching will get you there by:

  1. Decreasing your desire for food
  2. Decreasing your hunger for food
  3. Providing a life-long plan to keep the weight off 

As a physician, life coach, life long weight struggler, and former food addict, I see you, I know you, I have been you. I believe in this method. It works. I would LOVE to help you change your life, gain freedom from food, quit the dieting cycle, and love your life again. You deserve that. Make this your last diet. Lose this weight for the rest of your life.

If you are interested in finding out more or discussing weight loss coaching options with me, schedule a free mini-session with me!

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