Finally ditch dieting and reach your healthy weight with Dr. Emily’s School of Weight Loss.

3 Biggest Diet Pitfalls
LIVE Webinar | March 9th

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"I can be me without worrying about what other people think of me."

Before I tell you all about this 6 month journey...

Dr. Emily's School of Weight Loss is for:

Women with Obesity who are ready to reach (and live at) a healthy weight.

If you:
  • Are in the obese (or overweight) category and have tried ALL the diets
  • Have health complications from your weight: prediabetes, insulin resistance, fatty liver, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, depression, or arthritis
  • Have food intolerances (hello, dairy and gluten) and are tired of feeling awful
  • Know losing weight will change her life but doesn’t know how to get there
  • Want to grab a size medium off the rack at the store, travel without shame, and start living actively before it’s too late
Dr. Emily's School of Weight Loss is for YOU!

Real Women. Real Success.

weight loss for modern american moms
weight loss for modern american moms
weight loss for modern american moms

 Dr. Emily’s School of Weight Loss is different than anything you’ve tried. We make weight loss simple and sustainable by changing your relationship with food. 

No More Wasting Time on: 
• Hours at the gym
• Expensive supplements
• Shakes, meal replacements, or fad diets
• They won’t get you to a healthy weight.
Instead, I’ll use my extensive expert knowledge to help you: 
• Eat to energize your body and life
• Stay empowered to stick to that plan when emotions and life hits
• Embody the Healthy version of YOU

Dr. Emily's School of Weight Loss is my weight loss coaching program with an Obesity Medicine BONUS.

It includes:
The Healthy You Virtual Event & Weekly Weight Loss Coaching.
Exclusive membership site  AND membership small groups for weekly education, inspiration, and communication.
• The Daily Simple Success Journal
• Our private Facebook group
• BONUS Obesity Medicine Review: You’ll learn how your weight effects your health, medications that impact your weight and potential alternatives, and weight loss medication options.
And it's all done from your home (or anywhere) you want to be at convenient hours…

Ready to change your life?

• To have a life where you wake up in the morning with energy for the day…
•To have confidence when you step on the scale… 
• To have clothes that fit and don’t bulge at the belly or rub in the thighs…
• To live your life as an active participant not hiding behind the extra weight…
• To focus on your life instead of this unending weight loss battle..
• To feel strong, light, confident, powerful, in control…
Let’s Get Started!!!
Real Women. Real Success.
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"It has changed my confidence in myself. I see a difference in the way my daughters look at me."
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"I'm a new person. I now live without the fear."
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"I view food and what I bring into the house for my family completely different."
Reaching your healthy weight is simple with the Healthy You Formula. Let's create YOURS...

Questions? Let's chat!