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Success Stories


Kelly | -110 lbs & At Goal Weight

“The freedom you gain during this journey is much more satisfying than any food.”


Brandi Spli Screen

Brandi | -55 lbs & At Goal Weight

“Watching the scale go down is awesome! But watching my confidence go up has been THE BEST! This is not a fad diet, this is a complete mind overhaul.”

Dymond Second Split Screen (2)

Dymond | -56 lbs & At Goal Weight

“I’m getting stronger. I look in the mirror and know that I made a choice to be better.”

Aunt Debbie Split Screen

Debbie | -45 lbs & At Goal Weight

“This program has changed not only my outer self but is changing my inner self. I feel so much better now and more confident than I ever thought I would. Never in a million  years did I expect that. It has been the cherry on top.”

Susan Split Screen

Susan | -80 lbs

“My 22-year-old thin daughter accidentally wore MY jeans to work instead of hers. She helps me cook low-carb and is learning with me. That makes me so happy!!!”

Mom Split Screen

Beth | -10 lbs & At Goal Weight

“I had to realize that I could not just walk through the kitchen and grab a snack. It’s a positive diet program that changes not just what you eat but your metabolism altogether.”


Sara | -45 lbs & At Goal Weight

“I’m making my life better not only by the food I put in my mouth but also by the thoughts we discuss as a group.”

image0 (10)

Morgan | -85 lbs

My face…. wow has it changed. I will say more than the physical differences I have gained so much more. – EnergySelf-confidence that I can succeed – Will-power – A great sense of SELF WORTH and WHY – It isn’t as hard as I think.”

Lindsey Split Screen 3_21

Lindsey | -102 lbs

“I view food completely different. I view what I feed my family completely different. It’s awesome.”

I see you. I know you. I was you.

You think weight loss is hard. You’ve tried ALL the diets. You have way too much weight to lose to reach your goal weight. You’re starting to seriously wonder if surgery is your only option. 

Here’s the secret: weight loss isn’t hard. It’s simple when you separate the food from the drama. Find a diet that works for you. Then take on the emotional, habitual, and mindless overeating that sabotage any diet. That’s how you reach your goal weight despite the busy Mom life. And what we do in Weight Loss for Modern American Moms. Join us!

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